anemone (_anemone_) wrote in trash_collector,

recycled sweater

this post is much overdue, since i started this reconstruction almost a year ago... but here it is finally, since i just mangaged to sew the buttons on last week.

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felted, fitted, reconstructed cardigan from a found men's pullover sweater.
with crocheted border from handdyed found wool and salvaged buttons.

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as you can see there are a few moth holes... next step is to learn how to needle felt. i want to patch the holes with felted polka dots made from more of the roving i used to crochet the border with.
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essentially it was wash and dry at high heat to shrink and felt it up, slice down the front to make it a cardigan, then blanket stitch the border, crochet the overlap, add buttons. I love it so.
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