anemone (_anemone_) wrote in trash_collector,

salvaged clothing reconstructions

hello, hello!
it has a been a while since there's been any activity here - sorry 'bout that, on my part. i've been busy working and playing in my studio, and have expanded the trash-collector idea into a new, non-livejournal blog at why not come and say hello?
anyway, here are a couple of recent reconstruction projects from found discarded clothing, and pictures of some lovely alley art

these horribly high-waisted and tapered pantalons were cut top and bottom, and converted into capris.

and this baggy sweatshirt was cut up and combined with a saggy t-shirt to make this cool zippy.

i also had some fun recently after finding bags and bags of old artwork from an artist named Brault... many beautiful and colourful drawings, paintings... it seemed so sad that they had been deemed garbage. i took a few of the most lovely, and a roll of unused newsprint paper. here are a few pictures of the pretties.

i like this, that the planning sketch for the painting was along side it!

so there you are... how are you all doing? finding and making neat, useful things i hope!

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