anemone (_anemone_) wrote in trash_collector,

Long time, no see, only sew. Sew, sew, sew!

As a peace offering after so many months AWOL, I give you, dear trashies, two recon projects:

From these, two too-short, too-wide, second-(or third?)hand sweaters and a salvaged metal tooth zipper,

And a barter for a good friend - I turned this thrifted, much-loved but stained and worn, trench coat, and an old skirt (not shown),

The bag is fully lined with fabric taken from a second hand skirt, with a zippered inner pocket that used the zipper from the same skirt.
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For the win!
Also, you are amazing.
ah shucks... Thanks!
I am so in love with that purse!
Thank you! i too am pleased with how it turned out. It's my first fully lined bag, and i made up the pattern, so had some hilarity figuring it out. But she was happy with it in the end, too, so all's well!