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Trash Collectors

Adventures in Salvage Arts

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This community is a place to show and tell your latest finds, born from my own creative obsession with scavenging and dumpster-diving. The name trash_collector is meant to reflect that this is a community intended to foster creativity, innovation, problem solving, and non-capitalistic thinking... to move beyond the valuing of disposable consumer goods and to reclaim production and creativity from the clutches of those industries which brainwash so many potential artists and DIYers into thinking you need wads of cash and specific tools and materials in order to be creative or to create!
So much 'trash' is really perfectly reusable, recycleable, reinventable, and full of potential, but ends up in landfills that are already overflowing, unappreciated. What amazing stuff is disguised as waste! What beautiful and useful things can you make out of garbage, dicarded objects, and broken things?

Rules of Engagement:

1. This is a photo-based, sharing community. Please keep text-only posts to a minimum.

2. In a similar vein, I would like this community to have an active membership. If you are accepted as a member, please post! Monitoring is of course encouraged, but participation in the forum ideally is a give AND take process. If you are needing a little brainstorming help or have questions about a project you're working on, please try to remember that the community is not just a team of creative genii for you to draw ideas from. You are a creative genius too, and your ideas are valued!

3. If you do see something here that inspires you, please credit the original creator appropriately if you later use the idea yourself. Common courtesy.

4. Please try to limit references to and projects drawn from established TV programs, magazines, etc. Obviously there are some inspiring professionals out there with awesome ideas, but this forum is meant to foster and encourage creativity outside of the professional craft and culture industry. Creativity is NOT the domain only of a select few!

5. Keep it postive, please. It is totally unnessecary to ever be rude to each other.

6. NO SELLING IN THIS COMMUNITY!! Take your buisness somewhere else please.

7. Please use a cut for big pictures or lengthy posts.

8. If it isn't made out of garbage, it doesn't belong in this community. Granted, 'garbage' is a broad category, and that's cool, but try to maintain the general spirit, ok?


Art will not disappear into nothingness; it will disappear into everything...
-Julio Garcia Espinoza