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Hiya fellow scavengers! Sorry for the long hiatus lately... life is nuts sometimes, eh?
As a little welcome back post, here is a project i made today from
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first i took alll the spokes out of the wheel and gutted the parasol (and made a mess):
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they fit together nicely, see?
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this was lashed all together with copius twine, i added a little hook on the inside, and hung it from my overhead light fixture, in place of the glass boringness that was there to begin with.

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in other news... i did a reverse glean today --- threw out about a cubic meter of scavenged 'treasures' that had sadly transformed themselves into just plain clutter.... its always sad to let things go, *sniff*, but it was for the best. now i actually have room to work on things! yay! (and the girlf is much happier ;)

i hope you all are well!
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