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So I just returned from an impromptu and rather unsuccessful garbage walk (as it was specifically for a bookshelf I saw last night, and then after that another bookshelf non of which I found), but I did have a pretty excellent gleaning-related experience.

I encountered a professional gleaner. A guy on rollerblades with a really big dolly on four wheels (you know, the kind you use to pile lots of stuff on and wheel it around on) heading up the street searching for stuff.

But the best part is we recognized each other.. as fellow gleaners. There is something about the gleaning gaze... the searching, looking type of gaze, that is recognizable.. I could see it in his face, that same moment of recognition, that "ah... a fellow curbside windowbowser" moment.

It was super cool.

Later tonight with better shoes I think I will quest further for the ellusive bookshelf, if I have any success I will let you know.
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