anemone (_anemone_) wrote in trash_collector,

Phoenix rising

Heya, trash collectors! I'm stoked and surprised to see how many new members there have been in the past couple of months. What's with the new interest? It got me to thinking: I started this community, gee, almost 5 years ago, when i was a broke student living in Montreal, Quebec. Two cities later, I'm making my life in southern Ontario, with my spouse, and doing art full time. Of course, I'm still rather fond of garbage picking as I make my way down this path... reusing, repairing, and re-inventing never loses it's appeal! So I'm curious -- who are you all, where do you live, and what does this community mean to you? What do you want to learn or read about?

As for myself, here are a couple items i've picked up from the curb in the past couple of weeks with plans to refurbish: a lovely hardwood rocking chair, and a somewhat squat little stool. I'll let you know how they turn out!

So, what are you guys all up to?
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