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Phoenix rising 
11:21am 07/02/2011
  Heya, trash collectors! I'm stoked and surprised to see how many new members there have been in the past couple of months. What's with the new interest? It got me to thinking: I started this community, gee, almost 5 years ago, when i was a broke student living in Montreal, Quebec. Two cities later, I'm making my life in southern Ontario, with my spouse, and doing art full time. Of course, I'm still rather fond of garbage picking as I make my way down this path... reusing, repairing, and re-inventing never loses it's appeal! So I'm curious -- who are you all, where do you live, and what does this community mean to you? What do you want to learn or read about?

As for myself, here are a couple items i've picked up from the curb in the past couple of weeks with plans to refurbish: a lovely hardwood rocking chair, and a somewhat squat little stool. I'll let you know how they turn out!

So, what are you guys all up to?
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Old Computer Stuff = someone's treasure? 
04:43pm 04/06/2008
  I work at a computer lab and we are doing some massive cleaning. Some of the stuff we are getting rid of goes back to the 80's. Very nostalgic ;)

It's a bit hard to recycle most of this stuff, but I thought some of you crafty, nerdy, and/or awesome types might be able to use some of it?

For example:

(found on Etsy, instructions also available through a Google search)

(again found on Etsy)

(Found on Instructables.com)

So if you're in the Victoria (BC) area please leave me a note and let me know if you're interested!! I really don't want it to all end up at the landfill.
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10:27pm 20/05/2008
  Hi, I'm new here, thanks for accepting me! Someone in my apartment building threw out this cushion, and I picked it up and freecycled it.

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I love the idea for this community. I like picking up stuff that other people throw away and freecycling it. I feel good to know that someone else can make use of it. Keep it up!
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salvaged clothing reconstructions 
05:20pm 20/05/2008
  hello, hello!
it has a been a while since there's been any activity here - sorry 'bout that, on my part. i've been busy working and playing in my studio, and have expanded the trash-collector idea into a new, non-livejournal blog at www.freeplaycraft.wordpress.com. why not come and say hello?
anyway, here are a couple of recent reconstruction projects from found discarded clothing, and pictures of some lovely alley art behind the cutCollapse )
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My Best Recent Find 
10:11am 11/03/2008
  My best trash find ever! (image)Collapse )  
Long time, no see, only sew. Sew, sew, sew! 
11:16am 25/09/2007
  As a peace offering after so many months AWOL, I give you, dear trashies, two recon projects:

From these, two too-short, too-wide, second-(or third?)hand sweaters and a salvaged metal tooth zipper,

to this!Collapse )

And a barter for a good friend - I turned this thrifted, much-loved but stained and worn, trench coat, and an old skirt (not shown),

into this!Collapse )
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Capitalism is Stupid 
01:42pm 05/06/2007
  Today I rescued a perfect english cucumber from the trash heap. This was no concerted effort at dumpster diving, just a stroll through the back alleys of Marché Jean Talon, peaking in a few boxes, idly as it were.

The cuke in question was, as I said, perfect: everything a cucumber should be (hard, crisp, bright green), its one flaw being a slightly squooshy end and a torn package. This blemish was maybe two inches long. Two inches of, let me point out, a good 18 inches of cucumber.

It was not inedible, it was unsellable.

I took it home with my cheese and bread (for those who don't know, Hamel has awesome day-old bread for super cheap) and lopped off the last little bit, just as I would if the item already lived in my fridge.

Voila! Perfect cucumber. Longer, I might also point out, than many a store bought one.

Nathan 1
Capitalism 0
A bike and a project 
10:55pm 04/04/2007
  A bike that was hit (read: crushed) by the snow plow, that I soon will dismantle and rescue parts from!

A lightbulb vase made using this tutorial, a burnt out bulb, and some recycled copper wire:

neat, eh?
Finds - whee! 
10:44pm 04/04/2007

Finds - 03/04/07
Originally uploaded by Anna R. Borstad.
A bag of puzzle pieces - no box!
A book to dissect and embellish!
A pair of great boots!
A roll of cork!
2 spools of thread!

The hilarious thing about the boots is that last year I through out a pair of this exact style of boot that I had worn out. Now, they rise again, phoenix-style, in fabulous condition, and in one size bigger! Ha ha, alley, you really are funny.
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Altered clothing 
03:00pm 30/03/2007
  C and I went to a LIBRARIAN DANCE PARTY last weekend - and of course needed appropriate costumes!
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recycled sweater 
06:51pm 23/02/2007
  this post is much overdue, since i started this reconstruction almost a year ago... but here it is finally, since i just mangaged to sew the buttons on last week.

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felted, fitted, reconstructed cardigan from a found men's pullover sweater.
with crocheted border from handdyed found wool and salvaged buttons.
more pics hereCollapse )
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mixed media collage 
02:35pm 21/01/2007
  hi all,

just wanted to share this peice that i made for moonlightjoy's birthday last week... a mixed media collage using entirely images from books and magazines i dumster-dove. the central image (botticelli's venus) is from that book les peints primitif i showed here a few weeks ago...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

if you're interested, check out my flickr site to see the whole project documented in steps. its expecially fun to view it as a slideshow - click on the 'mixed media collage' set thumbnail on the right side of the screen.
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mile end finds 
05:51pm 10/01/2007
  walking back this afternoon from the mile end community mission where i am now volunteering, all these things found me.

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clockwise from kitty:Collapse )
01:34pm 05/01/2007
  My last paycheck from work bounced... and after discussing this fact with my boss on monday, we agreed that she isn't in a position to give me more work right now. probably not for a couple months, either... which BITES obivously, cause looking for work is not fun at all, but still....

now i have time again for trash collecting!


cuttings from someone's yard, with buds! soon to be leaves, i hope.
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06:24pm 05/12/2006
  Well, it's been rather a while since my last post here, and I thought I should explain...! See, I found an actual paying job a few months ago refurbishing/repainting furniture and accessories (perfect, i know), so since then I have had a little less time to be doing the trash collecting in my personal time... however, I thought some of you would be interested to see pictures of the *paid* projects I've been working on lately, so i'll share the link to my flickr account where there are ... so here you go!  
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Sweet Glean 
07:26pm 15/11/2006
  So I've been wanting two things to show up at the magic road-side mall (i.e., the curb) for months.. a leather chair (in some state nearing okay okay) and an exercise bike.

So guess what I found today as I was out returning a video.....

A leather chair, leaning against an exercise bike.

In fact, let me add that is it the exact same chair I was contemplating buying from Ikea.

And in great condition, it jus has reupholstered (sp?) arm-rests.

I'm in trash heaven.
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10:11pm 19/07/2006
  Hiya fellow scavengers! Sorry for the long hiatus lately... life is nuts sometimes, eh?
As a little welcome back post, here is a project i made today from a found bike wheel and a busted antique parasol:Collapse )
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04:12pm 01/05/2006
  So I just returned from an impromptu and rather unsuccessful garbage walk (as it was specifically for a bookshelf I saw last night, and then after that another bookshelf non of which I found), but I did have a pretty excellent gleaning-related experience.

I encountered a professional gleaner. A guy on rollerblades with a really big dolly on four wheels (you know, the kind you use to pile lots of stuff on and wheel it around on) heading up the street searching for stuff.

But the best part is we recognized each other.. as fellow gleaners. There is something about the gleaning gaze... the searching, looking type of gaze, that is recognizable.. I could see it in his face, that same moment of recognition, that "ah... a fellow curbside windowbowser" moment.

It was super cool.

Later tonight with better shoes I think I will quest further for the ellusive bookshelf, if I have any success I will let you know.
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09:29am 24/04/2006
  Hi folks! Here are a bunch of pictures that i finally got around to uploading. pics and projs, this wayCollapse )  
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03:07pm 18/04/2006
  I'm still alive, and still dumpster diving - sorry for the mini-hiatus. school tightened it's bony little grip on me for a few weeks there, but i think i've wrestled it off for a bit. (just one more paper left and then i'm home free)
Yesterday was an very fruitful (and veggieful) dumpster day:
Image hosting by Photobucket
That same two dumpsters have proven themselves to be pure gold in keeping our fridge stocked with a lovely variety of produce. haven't found any more goat cheese yet, but i'm keeping my fingers crossed!

tenuously garbage-related, but very funCollapse )
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